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The technology of water transfer of patterns on 3D pieces

Our company has pioneered the use of new technology of water transfer of patterns on 3D pieces. Our employees have high qualifications and all the useful knowledge and abilities thanks to workshops and training sessions in a big foreign company. High quality and attention given to the smallest detail is what characterizes our services.

We are able to cover any chosen 3 D piece with every pattern available on our offer ( wood, marble, carbon, etc.). We do our service on practically all materials (metal, wood, plastic, aluminium or glaze).

The technology of water transfer gives enormous possibilities in covering complex elements of irregular shapes.

The elements we cover have the structure of car lacquer, thanks to which you receive the product which is resistable to atmospheric conditions, scratches, low and high temperature.

The materials used in the technological process are of the highest quality. We guarantee that the elements our company produces will be serviceable for a number of years.

The pieces we cover are characterized by:

- durability
- a perfect combination of the imprinting and a tuned element
- the quality of workmanship
- modern design

We invite both companies and private individuals who want to improve their products to use our
services. We prepared an attractive offer for our steady customers.